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Lecture: Mathematical Models of Cancer and Tumor Growth



1. Fundamental considerations on cancer biology

2. Role of modelling in cancer research and anti-cancer drugs development

3. Fundamentals of tumour growth and cancer modelling

4. Modelling the activity of anti-cancer agents

5. Multiscale/Integrative Cancer Modelling


* Introduction

* Lecture 1

* Lecture 2

* Reference List

* Lecture 3

* Lecture 4

* Lecture 5

* Lecture 6

* Lecture 7

* Multiscale paper review

* Delay models for tumor growth (by Maria Barbarossa)

Lecture Material

* Can Math Cure Cancer

* Cancer summed up

* Future Drugs

* Integrative Mathematical Oncology

* Lifeweek

* Nature.

* Researcher outsmarts brain tumours

* SIAM News

* The Right Equation


1. Cancer Modelling and Simulation, Edited by Luigi Preziosi

2. Computational Biology of Cancer: Lecture Notes and Mathematical Modeling. Dominik Wodarz (Autor), Natalia Komarova (Autor)

3. Selected Topics in Cancer Modeling Genesis, Evolution, Immune Competition, and Therapy (Nicola Bellomo, Mark Chaplain, Elena De Angelis : editors)

4. Multiscale Modeling of Cancer. V. Cristini and J. Lowengrub. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2010. ISBN 978-0521884426. (in press)

Marking Criteria

I would be looking at a good understanding of the topic or the paper, and the equations/model associated.

Some specific criteria:

It would also be good to show relevant and appropriate reading.